Game Name: War Of The Wizard Kings
Time: 5 weeks
Matt Allen – Designer
Jake Garrett – Designer
Ryan Smith – Programmer
Tahlia “TK” Karski – Animator
Aidan Solly – Animator
Caitlyn Stewart – Animator
Ren Pasley – Animator
Catherine Glynn – Animator

War of the Wizard Kings is a capture the tiles, card based, strategy board game for three wizards. Each wizard must use spells to try and wrest victory from the unforgiving soil, before his (or her) opponents conquer the lands and crush his (or her) defences.
War of the Wizard Kings (WWK) is the first attempt we have made at creating a board game. It was made by two games designers, one games programmer, and five animators. The original game included a companion app, that has been replaced by a rule book in the current version.

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