Game Name:Vendorbus
Time: 4 weeks
Matt Allen – Designer
Carlos Melo – Designer
Andrew A.W. – Designer
Aidan Solly – Animator
Michael Harris – Animator
Luke Jarrett РAnimator 

Vendorbus is a third-person, floating camera 3D stealth game. The gameplay focuses a lot in exploration and resource gathering around the level, avoiding being hit by people or cars. Play as a sentient vending machine that tries to earn collector coins and save money to pay to recharge, to survive in a cut-throat corporate world.
Vendorbus was a prototype done within four weeks in response to the third brief of our studio 1 class.

  • Control a sentient vending machine that would kill for a few coins.
  • Great Voxel Art.
  • Lots of humorous elements.
  • Simple controls that make the game easy to pick up for everyone, without the need to spend too much time learning.
  • Intelligent NPCs with multiple states.
  • Complex Day / Night System.
  • Traffic AI.

Link Download

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