Game Title: Suicide Zombies
Time: 2 weeks
Carlos Melo Perez


Suicide Zombies is a Top-Down 2D defence shooter about Zombies that have started to feel guilty of their acts, and wonder if they should kill themselves. Give them a push to make sure they do it, while you defend your base from intruders. Nobody will stay alive!


Suicide Zombies was a prototype done within a week in response to a brief where I was asked to create a 2D game with a constant decreasing value, that could only use the mouse as player input and that it could not have any kind of UI button  whatsoever.


  • Control the leader of a zombie army with a unique conscience.
  • Strategically manage your upgrades to kill as many zombies and humans as possible.
  • Great Vector 2D graphics.
  • Lots of humorous elements.
  • Simple controls that make the game easy to pick up for everyone, without the need to spend too much time learning.
  • A high score system that motivates the player to play more and share with others.

Link Download

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