Time: 2 weeks
Toby Welsh

My name is Toby Welsh I am learning to become a games designer. InTOXICated was meant to be a game about a Human man that had gone out drinking and had a few too many. After some negative choices a particularly cruel spectator to your alcohol problem as a sign they must intervene, so they lock you in a room underground and begin flooding it with water. you as the player have to survive by sealing the leaks until help arrives. It was not a design choice that help does not arrive, I have not added an ending yet which is why you are also a robot and do not drown.


My history in game design is short and still being written, I am in my second year and am just now starting some of the harder project work, both solo and in groups. While this game as it is has yet to have the mechanics implemented to really make it a game, I hope in the future I can still deliver a decent or even, a great looking experience while actually being able to create a fun and interactive experience too.


although it isn’t much I hope you like inTOXICated.

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