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Name: CPA – Creature Protection Agency

Timeline: 6 weeks

Type of game: Point and click

Progress: Nearing Completion


Rohan Cruickshank
Shane Martin
Catherine Glynn
Daniel Koitka
Joel Mehonoshen
Dineth Dissanayake
Haakiem Trinder
Heaven Scutt
Max Tyquin

You are part of the CPA: Creature Protection Agency, you’re tasked with saving endangered animals. You’ve received word that there’s a living family of the thought-to-be extinct tasmanian tigers! Your task is to save the family, do this by dropping baits to lure the tigers around and shoot darts at the greedy poachers come to steal the tigers.

Use the mouse to move your spotlight around

Right click to shoot darts

Left click to throw bait

Download instructions
1: Download from the link provided

2. Unzip the rar

3.Run the exe.

4. Enjoy!


Download Link:

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