Project Info

Name: Flocking Simulations

Timeline: 3 Weeks


Jared Ford
Joshua Hodkinson
Patrick Monaghan
Luke Savage
Chris Schnitzerling
Richard Stein
Callan Syratt
Corey Underdown
Jim Vincent
Tim Volp
Jhett Black
Parthiv Mehta
Huxley Dowling
Sean McAllister

Students are provided with an unoptimised flocking simulation. The goal is to increase throughput of the system, then create a tool to allow non-programmers to configure the simulation and make tweaks based upon metrics reported back to them. The task was broken down into three sections:

  • Part A: Optimise the flocking simulation to increase frame rate and number of agents. Adding new features is encouraged.
  • Part B: Create a tool to enable others to configure and fine tune the simulation. This tool can be external or internal to the flocking simulation itself. Data must be able to be saved and loaded.
  • Part C: Create metrics and reports for the user, enabling them to tweak simulation results.
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