Project Info

Name: Ray Tracer

Timer Frame: 2 weeks


Corey Underdown
Jim Vincent
Chris Schnitzerling
Tim Volp
Patrick Monaghan
Richard Stein
Callan Syratt
Jhett Black
Parthiv Mehta
Huxley Downling
Sean McAllister
David Whitehouse

Students were tasked with optimizing a ray tracer application that was purposely coded to be inefficient and slow to render. Multiple methods were implemented which included multi threading, pre-calculated and cached values, shadow optimization, refactored calculations and variables,  SIMD intrinsics, hierarchical space partitioning and pixel prediction to name a few. The original render time was near 60 seconds on a quadcore i-7(Laptop) to which the final optimized products rendered in, some cases, under 5 seconds.


Please note that all render times were achieved on a quadcore i-7 laptop and times may vary on other computers.

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