Game Info

Name: Frogger GBA

Timeline: 4 weeks


Corey Underdown
Chris Schnitzerling

Frogger for GBA was created by two SAE students over four weeks as they wanted to learn about low level coding. Frogger was built on a custom engine created by the two which could be used for other projects. A tool had to be created to be able to convert images to byte arrays to be used within the game. A GameObject factory was created to be able to display all the sprites on the screen. A Tile factory was created to display all the tiles on the screen and allow frogger to move further within the level. A Debug Text editor was created as there is no debugging built into GBA. Overall, the creation of a simple game like frogger was much more complicated as it was created on the GBA, and many things were learnt.

Download: frogger.gba

Source Code: GitHub

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